Smartmist® unique dual action HVAC Misting cools by evaporation.

The unique dual action system of SmartMist HVAC Misting System cools by evaporation and is a direct heat exchange pre-cooling system. The proven design is easy to install or retrofit to take full advantage of the pre-cooing power of a misting system to increase heat exchange of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems drastically, without the concerns of corrosion or scale build up.

Evaporative Cooling Lowers Ambient Temperature for HVAC

A Smartmist HVAC misting system can reduce your unit energy usage by up to 20%

AC Misting System

Combining both the cooler air and wet could surface allows the system to create very fast heat exchange. It will immediately lower AC unit’s pressure substantially. Which will result in a reliable 15% reduction in energy use and cost, in some cases we have seen a reduction up to 20%.

Quick Facts about AC Misting

  • Reliable Savings of up to 30%
  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Retrofits to any size and style unit
  • ROI measured in months-not years
  • Automated – Smart Pump control system
  • Patented anti-scaling & corrosion technology
  • Uses very little water
Smartmist® unique dual action HVAC Misting cools by evaporation.

Smart Pump and Control System

The Smart Pump has the ability to sense humidity, temperature and condenser operation. Allowing the AC mister to run only as needed the deliver the right treated mist and pressure to each condenser. Creating the maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Smart Array Misting Arms & Nozzles

The Smart Array is an array of customised misting arms and nozzles designed to meet your specific HVAC equipment specifications and environmental conditions. Safely attach to the outside of the coil. Each nozzle once installed is positioned & field calibrated to produce the best mist pattern for optimal performance of the ac mister.

Smart-Scalestop – TAC Water Treatment System

Our engineers teamed up with leaders in the water treatment industry to develop a cost efficient and Eco friendly water treatment system. That will eliminating the concern of scale build up and corrosion.

Dry Cooling Tower

Design and engineered to be easy to install the SmartMist system is proven to take full advantage of the power of mist pre-cooling will dramatically increase the cooling efficiency of Industrial Dry Cooling Tower systems. The misting system works effectively to ensure 100% evaporative cool air with the pre-cooling system.

Why invest in a Dry Cooling Tower? Using a high pressure evaporative mist which is controlled by a series of manual and designed automated controls to work with our HP Smart Pump system. SmartMist allows the Cooling Tower to work seamlessly so that the demands of cooling large areas no matter how hot it is. Because of this we can provide fast ROI (measured in days & weeks – not years) because of improved production and “zero” (0) downtime.

Smartmist® unique dual action HVAC Misting cools by evaporation.

Quick Facts Dry Cooling Tower

  • Dramatically increases cooling capacity
  • Increases plant production
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Fast ROI (measured in days/weeks)
  • Controls to optimise performance under changing condition

Dry Cooling Tower System Consists of Two Main Components

HP Smart Pump and Control System

Built together with a series of high pressure pumps (1000 – 2000 PSI), each unit is designed to meet the cooling load required for each individual tower. This can be anywhere from a few to hundreds of GPM (gallons per minute) depending on the size of the tower and its demands of the climate.

The controls are designed to allow for a full automatic and manual control, which allows each system to meet various cooling demands such as climate without the waste or water and other resources.

HP Smart Array Misting Arms & Nozzles

The HP Smart Array is a series of designed high pressure nylon and/or stainless steel mist runners and nozzles designed for your Dry Cooling Tower’s size and environmental conditions. With each run including up to hundreds of nozzles the can be tired together through a series of manifolds to individual or multiple pumps depending on the controlled needed for each particular spaces. To maximise their efficiency each fit out we carefully position our product to insure the least amount of resources are used whilst it’s running.


Using high pressure that will 100% evaporative mist that is controlled by our series of automated and manual controlled integrated into our HP Smart Pump system. Which allows the pre-cooling to only be activated when needed, which will condense the intake air so that the turbine can work efficiently all year round at peak performance. Providing an extremely fast ROI (measured in weeks, not years) because of the improved output, during the peak demand of hot summer days.

Smartmist® unique dual action HVAC Misting cools by evaporation.

Quick Facts

  • Increases output up to 20%
  • 100% evaporation when needed
  • Reduces NOx emissions
  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Fast ROI (measured in days or weeks)
  • Controls to optimise performance under changing conditions
  • Will eliminate the concern of scale build up or corrosio

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