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The team at Promek Technologies continue to innovate.  In this newsletter we take a look at Promek AMC, advanced corrosion protection for HVAC, Smartmist evaporative cooling lowers ambient temperature for HVAC, EZY Filter, air-conditioning filter that out-performs conventional filters – and Nanofluid research that is finally paying off.

Promek AMC
Promek AMC

Promek Corrosion Protection Coatings - better than the rest

We are continuing to supply OEMs and contractors with total corrosion protection of exposed HVAC equipment. Standard Blue Fin coating commonly used for fin and tube protection by major suppliers is inadequate when exposed to coastal or corrosive environments. Clearly not fit for purpose it is common that these units don’t last any more than four years before replacements is required.

With over 30 years’ experience in heat exchanger coil protection, we have the answers to any corrosion prevention requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience in heat exchanger coil protection, we have the answers to any corrosion prevention requirements

Promek AMC
Promek AMC

Winx Stadium, Royal Randwick Racecourse

We recently applied Promek AMC at Winx Stadium, Royal Randwick Racecourse. The application onsite to two Fujitsu 600 kW chillers was more convenient for the client than having the coils treated overseas during manufacture, as it reduced lead time. The application team prepared the suite and coil well and the results were excellent.

Fujitsu has seen to use the Promek team for this application for ease of application and of course very competitive pricing. Other OEMs like Armcor continue use our competitively priced extreme specification AMC coatings.

Evaporative Cooling Lowers Ambient Temperature for HVAC

A SmartMist HVAC misting system can reduce your unit energy usage by up to 20%


AC Misting System

Combining both the cooler air and wet could surface allows the system to create very fast heat exchange. It will immediately lower AC unit’s pressure substantially. Which will result in a reliable 15% reduction in energy use and cost, in some cases we have seen a reduction up to 20%.

  • Reliable Savings of up to 30%
  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Retrofits to any size and style unit
  • ROI measured in months-not years
  • Automated – Smart Pump control system
  • Patented anti-scaling & corrosion technology
  • Uses very little water

The unique dual action system of SmartMist HVAC Misting System cools by evaporation and is a direct heat exchange pre-cooling system.

The proven design is easy to install or retrofit to take full advantage of the pre-cooing power of a misting system to increase heat exchange of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems drastically, without the concerns of corrosion or scale build up.

EZY Filter has been designed as a direct replacement for inefficient flat panel filters extending life by five times

EZY Filter

Impressive Filter Performance

EZY Filter is an Australian innovation that brings commercial bag filter technology to the domestic market.

Using high efficiency media EZY Filter not only improves filter performance but reduces energy use of air-conditioning units. Our clients are seeing an extended service of up to five times longer than conventional filters.

As most HVAC systems under 16kW commonly use low quality flat panel filters we see a big future for this little filter.

A customer in Regional NSW noted that EZY Filter not only extended filter life by seven times, they also prevented falling dust particles, an issue they were having with conventional filters.

Our R&D Guys Are Excited – Quantum Nano Fluid Research

Nano fluids in chilled water HVAC systems increase the thermal conductivity of water and reduce compressor run time.


Nano Fluids in Chilled Water HVAC Systems

Our team has now completed the first stage of research towards making chilled water systems 11% more efficient. In partnership with a leading Australian University, trials of our Nanofluid are well underway.

Many researchers have developed nano fluids in this area, but most have failed to achieve satisfactory results. Promek Technologies has trialled various nano fluids over the past five years with some success but practical limitations – however, we are now seeing great results.

The scope of this technology is massive in the global market and this research is not just academic but focused on commercial manufacture and scaling.

We will bring you more updates in our next newsletter.

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