EZY Filter - Flat Panel Replacement

Extended Media, High Efficiency – G4

Ezy Filter is an Innovative new air conditioning filter that has increased surface area and requires no changing for up to 13 months

EZY Filter
EZY Filter

Developed for the Hotel Resort market to improve air quality and system efficiency, the EZY Filter is a completely different design to washable flat panel filters yet slides directly into the same filter supports.

The low maintenance filter that improves HVAC performance and delivers quieter operation

  • G4 Media with extremely high dust carrying capacity
  • Provides 50% improvement in air flow
  • Lower resistance to air flow 15pa compared to flat panel which is 35pa
  • 10% increase in performance from a/c unit
  • Reduces operating airflow noise by 30%
  • Filter bags only available

30% air flow improvement and 10% increase in energy efficiency

EZY Filter
EZY Filter

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EZY Filter

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