Thermal-XR - Restore Thermal Efficiency in HVAC

Repairs Thermal Bonds in HVAC

The coating gives equal or better corrosion protection than past technologies and has the added benefit of being thermally conductive, safe to use and environmentally friendly. Thermal-XR coating is a water based high quality acrylic specially designed for coating HVAC condenser coils.

Thermal-XR Corrosion Protection for HVAC

Carbon Coating that Restores Thermal Efficiency in HVAC+R

Thermal-XR is a water based high quality acrylic specially designed for coating HVAC condenser coils. Coat a condenser coil with THermal XR and maintain efficiency of coil after coating. All other corrosion protection coating result in thermal performance losses after coating

Corrosion is the No. 1 enemy of your air cooled HVAC systems most vital parts, the heat exchange coil. Air cooled heat exchange equipment is constantly exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions, airborne dust, dirt and pollution. Such debris accumulates on the heat exchanger coils and starts the corrosion process of the coils from the day the system is installed. This corrosion impairs the thermal dynamic process of the heat exchange unit causing more energy to be used than should be, in some cases 30% more!

Thermal-XR Restores Operating Efficiency in Damaged HVAC Systems

Corrosion over time deteriorates the heat exchange surface –  system efficiency continues to deteriorate over the life of the condenser coil. Gains in system efficiency are one of the most effective and economical means of addressing rising volatile energy costs globally.

By reducing energy consumption in HVAC systems Thermal-XR has created a unique and novel way of improving thermal conductivity of corroded heat exchange surfaces. This unique revolutionary process coats and protects damaged heat exchange surfaces while rebuilding the lost corroded thermal conductivity. The result is an improvement in efficiency and a reduction in power consumption.

The Thermal-XR process stops corrosion by creating a thin shield protecting the metal surfaces from continued deterioration.

  1. Water based and easy onsite application with minimal equipment
  2. High concentrated thermally active particles that rebuild lost thermally conductive between aluminium collar and copper tube
  3. Highly effective corrosion resistant coating that protects coil from further thermal efficiency losses
  4. Increases life span of the condenser coil
  5. Return on investment is measurable and reproducible for years after application

Trial of York Air Cooled pre and post TXR Restore Coating

An air cooled York condensing unit has been tested before and after coating with TXR Restore. The tests results have been provided to Connected IoT for analysis by Promek Technologies as ClimaCheck workbooks using their own equipment. Connected IoT are the ClimaCheck distributor for Australia and New Zealand and have over 20 years’ experience of using the test tool for before and after testing.

Thermal-XR 4 Step Process


Graphene is the new wonder material with amazing thermal conductivity over 20 times that of aluminium and 200 times stronger than steel.

“Nothing in air cooled heat exchange will be the same again because older condenser coils can now be made almost new again and HVAC units that were ready for the scrap heap can be revitalised,” Tony Power.


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